Saturday, 20 March 2010

Accepting individual differences

A warm blue sky criss-crossed with vapour trails greeted us as we set off in the late morning and on leaving the village a dancing breeze made its presence felt.
Lady wants to go faster than me and she dislikes waiting so she has to cover more ground. She achieves this in different ways. Earlier in the year I took to cross-country skis to traverse the snow covered field to reach the forest a kilometre or so distant. On these excursions she crossed my path in front of me in a sinusoidal pattern. Today her method was to charge ahead then turn and run back towards me with deviations to left and right, particularly to my right to forage under the line of walnut trees which the track follows.
We both know that we have our own pace, we have our own needs to meet, things that we want to experience on our walks. There is respect for the differences of the other but we enjoy each other's company. These walks wouldn't be the same for either of us without the other. She teaches me a lot about acceptance and tolerance.


  1. HI TRAMP-

    again, so beautifully written - I so loved seeing you and Lady frolic and walk and understand one another. Now, you must get familiar with taking pictures so we can see you and Lady :-)'
    Love Gail

  2. Gail
    Watch this space.
    Lady & Tramp