Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Never stop looking

Lady was waiting when I returned from today’s early lesson. She was eager, she had something to show me. White pillows of cloud puffed across the sky and cuddled the sun which was gently warming us. There was just a bubbling breeze which caused the wind turbines to turn reluctantly.
For the first time this year the skylarks trilled to us but although I stretched my neck in all directions I gave up, unable to locate them.
Lady was in a foraging mood. Time and again she ran up to me and forced her muzzle deep into last year’s long dry grass, using her front paws to open a gap to push further. Then she withdrew her head and looked up at me. “Keep searching enthusiastically”.

(I am no photographer and I took these snaps on a phone)


  1. I trust you kept up your end of the relationship—looked interestedly at her finds, and complimented her for sharing. Dogs are just special! :-D

  2. Griz
    I am compelled to keep my side of the relationship. I had to be grateful to her way of demonstrating to me that I shouldn't give up.

  3. HI TRAMP--
    Lady is lovely, busy and inquisitive. I love your pictures. Your writing style is so pleasat and easy to absorb.

    Love to you and Lady

  4. Gail
    I need her enthusiasm.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  5. What a very happy little dog. It always makes my day to watch Kipper having fun - and it doesn't take much to get a spaniel excited. Julie