Saturday, 13 March 2010

March Winds

The first thing I notice as Lady and I head away from the village is the lumpy grey sky. A few snowflakes are dancing on the lively wind. Although the thermometer is showing a temperature just above freezing, the wind has given the ground a freeze dried quality. Yesterday afternoon the temperature was similar but the light mud was sufficient for Lady to require her “slippers” on return home. These items of paw wear are my wife’s ingenious solution to chasing muddy trails through the house with a mop.
The winter here lasts so much longer than where I grew up on the east coast of England. There is a bare brownness to early March which lingers until spring takes over and then everything happens too quickly in April. From snowdrops to tulips in a week, trees showing and shedding their blossom, after the long wait there is so little time to take it all in.
March is also a season of wind. Such an important aspect of our lives, it brings so much into our lives, not just the weather and the seasons. Today I feel it will bring rain but it stirs me to think what other aspects of our life are brought as if carried on the wind.
Lady has a more active method of philosophising and is rolling in a patch of lingering snow.
Home for breakfast, no slippers today, girl!


  1. Congratulations on your new blog, Tramp. Great title! Looking forward to reading many more entries... All the best, SW

  2. Lady is beautiful and I love the idea of doggy slippers. I think my Kipper would just eat them! Will look forward to keeping up with your blog. Julie

  3. SW. Thanks. I haven't forgotten about the unfinished north-south walk on the E10 and I hope this nudges me on a couple of other projects... T

  4. Julie:
    And she knows it! She hasn't eaten the slippers yet, just a reluctant tolerance of them... T