Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Waking Trees

After a cold start to the day, several times at school I'd seen the still bare trees outside waking from their long winter sleep and stretching their branches towards the sun. However by the time Lady led me off for our walk in the late afternoon the sky was engulfed in light grey, merging into a navy blue towards the horizon. Despite the feel of cold rain on the wind ,my least favourite weather, when the showers came they were just short flurries of snow.
As we returned from the forest, the trees lining the small road we have to cross had sunk back to their winter forms, now just small stark silhouettes in the fading early evening dusk, just a final snooze before spring's alarm calls.


  1. HI'
    you write beautifully - I could see and feel everything and I enjoyed walking with you. And Lady is lovely - I m glad we found each other.

    Love Gail

  2. Gail
    Thanks for your words of encouragement. I am really enthralled by what I experience on a short walk from here with Lady.
    I need to work on this steadily, there is so much new to me.
    I am looking for the buttons that provide tea and coffe for visitors...T

  3. Hi again-

    I wanted to share with you that my son studied in Prague for a year while he was attending NYU for his English Scholars degree. NYU (New York University) has an academic site in Prague. He loved Prague and traveled all around whilst there. The pictures he shared with me are beautiful and historic.
    And I love a nice cup of tea, especially green tea with honey. :-)

    Love to you my new young friend

  4. Gail
    I am as historical as some of the buildings.
    I am sure that some of my thoughts of life here will bubble to the surface in future entries...

  5. Hi-

    your style is so very youthful - which I (and Anie-my inner kid) so ally with.

    bubble away!! :-)

    Love to you