Saturday, 17 April 2010


Today the two boys are with us on bicycles. The grandson pedals off, legs revolving with furious intensity after the near teenager on his larger machine. As Lady is let off the lead and given the word she bolts off in pursuit. Dad, granddad and master stands witness to the enthusiastic energy of children and dog as they rapidly leave him further behind.
There is no consistent wind this morning, nothing we could even label a breeze but large blobs of heavy cold damp air dab the face. It works like a cold shower, an alarm to the awareness that out on a walk you should look at life in another way. Thoughts today have been dominated by material concerns, which have been allowed to crush happiness. These negative thoughts now reduce to insignificance, here are the things in life that matter. The two kids (soon to be three with the imminent arrival of a granddaughter), the nature around full of wonder to marvel at. I should have gratitude for what is there, not over-inflated despair for what is not. True happiness is best built on a foundation of gratitude.
On our return there is food, after such a trip the body and soul appreciate it.


  1. HI TRAMP-

    Ah yes, gratitude. Critical to the balance in our lives. I get it, big time! Your eloquent writing defines quite well that which matters - and I adore you for it.

    Love Gail
    peace and gratitude

  2. Gail
    It doesn't surprise me in the least that someone as apt as you is so aware of what I have to remind myself of.
    Have a wonderful weekend...Tramp

  3. Hi Tramp. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am paying a return call and really enjoyed your post. You are so right.

  4. Weaver
    Greetings. It seems that I am doing more reading than writing at the moment, but there are some lovely blogs about...Tramp