Monday, 10 May 2010

A sweet bird

There are some wonderful wild hedgerows around here along footpaths and tracks. Thick, high, rich in their variety as Nature will do if left space to on work her own. Blossom on the wild cherry, which has been radiant this year, has more or less finished and the fruit is beginning to form. This weekend the hedgerows were brightened by the humble crab apple. Bright with the large blossom the tiny leaves are hardly noticeable. Passing these trees the hum was perceptible with all senses except sight. Approaching one of these resplendent bushes I saw a small bird about the size of a great tit leaving one of the wide open flowers. Had it been feeding on the nectar? I have never seen or heard of birds doing this apart from humming birds with their long beaks for this purpose. As I said the flowers were wide open so maybe the prize was easier to obtain. Can anyone throw some light on this?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The need to walk

On Saturday I went for the long walk that I’ve needed for ages. I don’t feel about writing extensively about it today, one thing that I’ve confirmed since I started writing a blog is that I am a listener rather than a speaker. Occasionally I can make a comment which may be useful, often I choose to keep my comments inside feeling too ignorant to contribute.

Over half of the walk was through forest, I could feel the difference in light that filtered through to me as I progressed. Just as I was starting to get a bit philosophical about how much light gets through to us as we go through life I heard a birdcall exactly like that of the old whistling kettle. Electric kettles are one of the timesavers of modern life and what do we do with that time? I made a mental note to buy a whistling kettle next payday.

That’s how my mind works, when things start getting too bookish I look for something real and practical. There was a quote somewhere about how we have no right to philosophise unless we do so to make ourselves happier. Now perhaps I read that in a book, perhaps I made it up when walking through the forest…

Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Eve of May Day

The evening of April 30th in the Czech countryside is for celebrating. The evil spirit of winter in the form of an effigy of a witch is thrown on a fire and the summer months are called in. During the communist years it meant that many citizens arrived at the compulsory May Day parades rather the worse for wear. Marking the switch of the seasons goes back at least to Celtic times. It was a mirror reflection of the beginning of the winter months at the time of Halloween (adapted to Bonfire Night in the UK).
Many people see this evening as a time to eliminate bad feelings and mood that have developed into something grotesque. May should be entered in a positive frame of mind and we shouldn’t be taking with us the thoughts and feelings that we have allowed to become ugly.