Sunday, 9 May 2010

The need to walk

On Saturday I went for the long walk that I’ve needed for ages. I don’t feel about writing extensively about it today, one thing that I’ve confirmed since I started writing a blog is that I am a listener rather than a speaker. Occasionally I can make a comment which may be useful, often I choose to keep my comments inside feeling too ignorant to contribute.

Over half of the walk was through forest, I could feel the difference in light that filtered through to me as I progressed. Just as I was starting to get a bit philosophical about how much light gets through to us as we go through life I heard a birdcall exactly like that of the old whistling kettle. Electric kettles are one of the timesavers of modern life and what do we do with that time? I made a mental note to buy a whistling kettle next payday.

That’s how my mind works, when things start getting too bookish I look for something real and practical. There was a quote somewhere about how we have no right to philosophise unless we do so to make ourselves happier. Now perhaps I read that in a book, perhaps I made it up when walking through the forest…


  1. Nothing clears the mind like a good long walk, Tramp. Don't put yourself down for being more of a listener than a speaker; the ancients would regard that a sign of wisdom. By the same token, you do have something important to contribute. Whether the subject is walks, birdsong, or electric kettles, we mortals can always learn something by observing how our fellow creatures are living their lives in other neighborhoods or other parts of the world. Enjoy your journey and keep on telling us about it.

  2. George
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Yesterday made me feel a lot better and has given me a few ideas of short pieces to write. It was a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. After a walk through the forest I hope I can see both..Tramp

  3. Tramp, I echo what George says. I value very much your posts and comments, which always show a quiet and thoughtful wisdom.


    Great post and I SO understand about too much philosophizing - and getting back to basics, to real, to simple and obvious. I felt where your mind ws going as you walked deeper into the woods - there is an entire novel on 'light' and shadows and so forth just waiting to be written. - or alreeady has been written :-)

    And the whistling tea kettle is the perfect example. I have a regular ole kettle, love it.
    Love to you too my friend

  5. Solitary
    Just hope you don't think I'm being flipant when I don't go deeply into something.

    Thanks for stopping by, next time I'll have the kettle on.