Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Wise Answer

The wind today was so different in quality to yesterday. Then it had such a hard intense rubbery quality to it, it was one large lump firmly bouncing us around. Today it was so light and fluffy, it skipped around us not hassling us at all.
It allowed my mind to wander back to what my wife had said on Sunday. Our grandson has a new sister, two months old. Of course she is so often the centre of attention and he feels pushed out, particularly after a recent accident when a visit to the hospital was required and naturally everyone made such a fuss of her. At the dinner table he had asked,
“Grandma, who do you like more, my sister or me?“
My wife pointed to two of his fingers.
“Now which of those would hurt most if you cut them?“
He was silent, perhaps he knew what was coming.
“Well that’s how I feel about you and your sister. I feel exactly the same pleasure and pain from each of you.“
He continued with the meal, I paused to digest the wisdom of her answer.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Grin at life

“Hey, look outside, granddad, there’s some weather“.
Wonderfully put, the grin it invokes must not be seen as mocking. That sort of enthusiasm is necessary. With the proliferation of weather we’ve had recently many of the routes that Lady and I take on our walks have got overgrown. Lady is quite capable, head down she disappears rapidly into tall grass: I need a stick to part the vegetation. There is a handy piece of silver birch which I use for the task and I keep it with me.
Later we have to follow the road for a while. How considerate the drivers are today. Each one slows down and gives us plenty of room. Not until we get home and I add the stick to our collection by the shed door do I realise how white the stick is and what this meant for the drivers. Is that a grin on Lady’s face?