Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Wise Answer

The wind today was so different in quality to yesterday. Then it had such a hard intense rubbery quality to it, it was one large lump firmly bouncing us around. Today it was so light and fluffy, it skipped around us not hassling us at all.
It allowed my mind to wander back to what my wife had said on Sunday. Our grandson has a new sister, two months old. Of course she is so often the centre of attention and he feels pushed out, particularly after a recent accident when a visit to the hospital was required and naturally everyone made such a fuss of her. At the dinner table he had asked,
“Grandma, who do you like more, my sister or me?“
My wife pointed to two of his fingers.
“Now which of those would hurt most if you cut them?“
He was silent, perhaps he knew what was coming.
“Well that’s how I feel about you and your sister. I feel exactly the same pleasure and pain from each of you.“
He continued with the meal, I paused to digest the wisdom of her answer.


  1. Hi Tramp

    wow, great wisdom. YES!!! :-) AND I have never heard anyone describe varying type of wind - fascinating and SO true.

    Love to you and Lady et al
    peace and hope.....

  2. Yes, kids can certainly give pleasure and pain
    in equal measure, can't they?

  3. Gail
    We walk part of that route nearly every day, there's always something different.

  4. SW
    Sounds like you know what you're talking about...

  5. A nice little posting, Tramp. Glad to know that you are writing about what is important to you more often.

  6. Hi George
    Sometimes I don't know why I want to write, it's some type of release I suppose...Tramp