Thursday, 5 August 2010

E10 Stage 2 Novy Bor - Zahradky

With the project started and the first stage under the belt I was keen to get on with it. Still holding to the original idea to complete one stage a month I set out on a Sunday morning in June 2004 on the same journey as for the first stage but leaving the bus in Novy Bor.
To recall this day I rely mainly on photos donated to the website
Novy Bor is a town of some 15 000 inhabitants, in the past a centre for the glass industry.

This is the town square, the start of today's walk.

Within a few kilometres the path passes Sloup Castle dating from the 14th century, most of it formed out of the sandstone

Close by in Prayer Valley there is a chapel carved into the sandstone.
This dates from the 1830s but pilgrims passed this way before then.

The path enters Ceska Lipa through a 1970s housing estate of prefabricated tower blocks

There are some prettier buildings in the centre.
This was my favourite, The Red House, a renaissance villa built in 1583.

At the end of another sandstone valley, these cottages featuring tradional timber and plaster "folk" architecture.

The manor house in the village Zahradky. Originally from around 1550, revamped in empire style in the 1820s. It is currently owned by Charles University in Prague and was undergoing repairs after a fire in 2003.

This walk finished here at the church of St Barbora, originally built in 1550 on the site of a roadside cross, later rebuilt in baroque style. The statues at the top of these steps depict two early Bohemian saints. One is Wenceslas (of Good King Wenceslas fame, well he wasn't actually a king but that's another story). The other is Prokop, abbot of the orthodox Sazava monestry in the 11th century. There are several legends of his victories over the devil including one where he harnesses the devil to a plough and gets him to plough the monestry fields.

I think I slept on the way home.


  1. Hello Tramp

    we are on very different journeys indeed. :-) I love the chapel carved in stone and the villa - I felt I belonged somehow.
    And still we have communed, connected in a mis-placed harmony somehow that has a beautiful sound to it - perhaps it is in the chord of simplicity. One step at a time.

    Loving you and sharing in your journey with delight and faith.

    peace and hope.......

  2. This must have been a fabulous walk, Tramp. The sites and the architecture are stunning. I am especially moved by the chapel carved in sandstone. I also like Sloup Castle and the Red House. Both seem steeped in rich history. I look forward to more accounts of your travels.

  3. Gail
    Glad you dropped in, it's always lovely to see you.
    On this stage I don't remember so much of the walking but these are the sights that stay in my mind, particularly the diversity of what I saw.
    It's been very much "one step at a time" this week. There was so much that I wanted to do but little is getting done.
    Vaclav Havel the Czech politcal dissident and later president spoke of the importance of hope and with his experiences of being in prison unsure of what was going to happen to him he knows what he's talking about.
    My heartfelt wishes.

    Thanks for popping by.
    The truth is, this week I feel like I'm slogging through a mass of uninspiring 1970s prefab tower blocks. My map tells me that there is more to this walk than this. My experience tells me that there will be.
    Sorry, just very introspective at the moment.


  4. Such lovely tours you are giving us at the moment.

  5. Thanks. I hope to walk another stage next week.

  6. how ugly modern mass architecture is compared to the old.

  7. Hi Friko
    Nice to see you.
    Yes, there is little beauty for me in efficiency, whatever political ideology it comes from.

  8. This looks like a fascinating walk even if part of it is through a modern housing estate. You passed some beautiful and interesting buildings, I especially like the chapel carved into the sandstone. I'd like to see more of the Czech Republic as so far I've only visited Prague - though I did get there by train from Vienna so saw a good deal of lovely countryside on the way. I look forward to reading more about your walk on the E10

  9. Hello Rowan
    As it happens I hope to do another stage tomorrow if all goes to plan(stage 10, there will probably be 18).
    I didn't write up the early stages when I did them so I am writing up what I remember of them as well as the latest stages as I do them. It's all a bit of a muddle, but I'm quite harmless really.
    There is certainly plenty to see outside Prague.

  10. A wonderful account. Perhaps you will share the secrets of the real Wenceslas at some point ...

  11. Hello Caroline
    Nice to meet you.
    Well it all gets quite involved but we'll certainly meet Wenceslas (Vaclav) again later on.