Wednesday, 14 July 2010

E10 The story so far - (1) Why ?

It began in anger back in 2004 but the roots go back before that, way before. There was this awareness of "E10" on some footpath signs somewhere north of Prague. The 1:50 000 maps listed this as a long-distance path and I began to trace its route across these maps. At some stage I found basic information from the internet ( ). The seed was sown and germinating, fertilized by the fact that it didn't seem a popular aim and watered by a feeling that I would learn more about my adopted country if I walked through it. This feeling originated partly from the discovery about 10 years ago of a copy of John Hilaby's "Journey Through Europe" which I eagerly read having previously found and read a copy of his "Journey Through Britain" in the library on the Antarctic base where I was in the 1980s. So the roots are deep, it was going to happen. Well if not this, something similar would have emerged from what was laid down over 20 years ago, probably earlier.
To walk more than the section in the Czech Republic was not considered. The aim became to look closely, to feel the country from border to border. You know something (or someone) better when you see the boundaries, the limits; even if, as with many of life's important lessons, it can be a difficult, painful experience.
So in spring 2004 the traverse of the country began. I made no record of the early stages but in following posts I will recall what I can.


  1. I am waiting eagerly. All ex-pats are special and all ex-pats have a special take on their adopted country. So, in order not to miss the journey, I am going to follow you. If you feel like it, i'd be happy for you to follow me.

  2. Friko
    You are welcome. The journey will take a while to get through.
    We will follow your site as well.
    Lady and Tramp

  3. A great project, Tramp! I eagerly look forward to reading each of your postings. The slower the journey the better.

  4. George
    One of the reasons it will take a while is the limititation on the speed of the memory.
    Don't hold your breath!