Saturday, 10 July 2010

What about me?

The last post was all about Tramp and another of his lone walks - without me! (That reminds me of what Tramp said after a trip with a group of friends: "It was OK, I suppose, but next time I'd rather go on my own with somebody else").
So today it's my turn.
First of all, I've had a haircut. I must say it makes this hot weather a bit more bearable.

Also I am rather enthusiastic about my walks as I expect you know. There's so much more to experience than he writes about, he doesn't see the half of what I get up to (thank goodness). If there's some long grass I must push into it, snout down and explore the smells. I don't know why he doesn't do that, there he is looking up at clouds. By this time of the year with things starting to dry out it isn't uncommon for me to get a piece of hay or grass seed lodged in an ear. This happened last week and although they managed to get it out for me, it caused a slight infection which is a bit uncomfortable (but quite good for getting sympathy).
The vet, who knows me quite well, has pronounced me the biggest actor among all her patients. She says that if I was human I would long ago have got to Hollywood or the Czech National Theatre. Now, I take that as a compliment.

Lastly, Tramp told me about this Solitary Walker who is into backyard camping. Just to show that he's not the only one to brave the elephants...

Keep cool ... Lady


  1. To Lady,

    I empathize completely. What is it about these humans that doesn't understand the joys of just sniffing around. As far as I am concerned, mindful sniffing is the essence of Zen, which my dad is always talking about. As for your acting skills, I, too, am an accomplished thespian. A slight limp is all that is required to get a swim in the river, preceded and followed by a generous supply of treats. One thing I have not done, however, is become a tent dweller. It looks great, at least for a night or two.

    Derry (George's Zen Master)

  2. Well hello lady- it's me - Gracey Blue

    I love your new hair do - you are stunnung. And I see you know Tramp quite well. You must be so aware that "Knowledge is Power" - right? I know how to work my folks so well - I dance a bit and do a cute head tilt and girlie whine and they are puddy in my paws, ya know? I love the water and jump in the pond out front as often as I can to cool off. Srry about the ear infection - and oh ya, get all the sympathy treats you can from that. I guess you and I are pretty lucky dogs, huh? Lots of love and food and walks.


  3. Derry
    Just keep them thinking that they are the boss and they are satisfied...Lady

    Thanks for the tips on getting sympathy. Don't forget the eyes, that always works for me...Lady

  4. This is an enchanting post, Tramp! A canine camper, huh? Though personally speaking I always find it unwise to invite a Lady into my tent. It's just so cramped.

  5. Dear Mr. Walker
    I must remind you that this site is "Lady and the Tramp" and not "Tramp and the Lady".
    I wasn't invited into the tent. As soon as the boys put it up, I was there.
    Who do you think does the donkey work? Not the dog!

  6. I suspect Lady has been reading Louis de Berniers' Red Dog.

  7. Poet
    I have no time for reading, don't you know how hectic life is for a dog?