Monday, 13 September 2010

But why "Tramp"

Old Tramp is resting at the moment so I'll sneak in and have a word.
Do you know why he uses the tag "Tramp"?
It isn't just because of me, it isn't just because it fits his nature somewhat. You see the old boy has this sort of romantic notion of the word in its Czech context. He is an admirer of the Tramping "movement" that goes back 100 years or so in this part of the world.
Something of it here.
There's also an article in Wikipedia.
Now look quick, I think he's shuffling back.
Remember, mum's the word.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Absent without leave

"I've never spent a night in hospital in my life."
I would follow up with,
"Not even born in hospital"
and go on with the anecdote of how my mother spent 2 weeks in a maternity ward waiting for me to appear before being sent home to free a bed for a first-time mother (when I finally arrived I was the 4th)
Well I can't say that again. After 3 days on my front in bed when a pulled back muscle turned into a blocked nerve in the leg, I finally gave in and alowed myself to be taken into professional care for a few days.
The pills were weird. I awoke around 2am to see a fridge by the bed. The door opened and out stepped my brother, saying he had to adjust the GPS. He fiddled with the back of the fridge for a moment, bade me farewell, climbed back into the fridge and flew off, out of the window. It all seemed so natural.
What really did the trick, I felt, were the bottles of colorless liquid that were dripped into me.
Whatever, I am out now, no longer a hospital virgin, but better than when I went in and I am optimistic.
(George, can I say I am hopeful? - well it has been rather an egoistic entry! )

Saturday, 4 September 2010

E10 Stage11 Kamenna - Zvikov

A few snaps from my last stage a few weeks ago. I am in bed with a back problem and will catch up when in a more vertical position.