Monday, 13 September 2010

But why "Tramp"

Old Tramp is resting at the moment so I'll sneak in and have a word.
Do you know why he uses the tag "Tramp"?
It isn't just because of me, it isn't just because it fits his nature somewhat. You see the old boy has this sort of romantic notion of the word in its Czech context. He is an admirer of the Tramping "movement" that goes back 100 years or so in this part of the world.
Something of it here.
There's also an article in Wikipedia.
Now look quick, I think he's shuffling back.
Remember, mum's the word.


  1. Do give Tramp my best, won't you, Lady. Humans can be so difficult, half the time they have no idea how to look after themselves.

    Let us have any further developments.
    Benno sends his love.

  2. Rest assured, Lady, that I never considered the tag "Tramp" except in its finest sense. I, too, admire the tramping movement, and I thank you for the article about it that you referenced. May your master be tramping again soon.

  3. Friko
    Too right. He's got to go back to hospital for a check up tomorrow, but I'll soon have him up and about.
    My best wishes to Benno.

    He's also got this idea of "gentleman of the road". I think "Tramp" sums it up better than "gentleman"

  4. Hi Lady,
    you look quite lovely today. I showed your picture to Gracey and she agrees. :-) Now, about Tramp - it is a fitting name of regal origins - good article, and I thank you for sharing that.
    Gracey and I wish you and Tramp an easy time during this recovery and patience is truly a virtue.
    Love to you both
    Gail and Gracey

  5. Hi Gail and Gracey
    Yes, patience is something the old boy is having to learn about and something I am sure you know about.
    I hope you are enjoying the turn of the seasons.
    Lots of love to you both

  6. Thanks, Lady, for shining a little light on your old 'pet'. I can keep a secret, I promise you. And, just between you and I, now he's on the mend, try and make sure he stays away from those little green tablets, will you? And fridges, come to that. You never know who'll be popping out next. All the best, yours, in canine conspiracy - SW.

  7. I won't say a word, but do give Tramp a hug from me.

  8. SW
    Yes, I think that if we hide the little green tablets then he just might write some sense on his blog.
    Well, we can live in hope.

    Don't worry. I often do that, usually after I've been digging somewhere. Must go now and practise my sad eyes in the mirror in the hall.


  9. Thank you for this link Lady, it was very interesting and an explanation of Tramping that I haven't come across before. I shan't, of course, say anything to Old Tramp but do make sure he looks after himself and rests properly won't you?

  10. Rowan
    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for comments. Old Tramp has been weaned off the little green tablets now but is still suppose to be resting, something which he isn't very good at. Today they stuck him in a tunnel and resonated some magnets around him.
    He's not very prolific on the blogging front at the moment but he's trying to read some of his favourites.
    All the best.