Monday, 25 October 2010

Autumn Sunset

The leg has been getting stronger so this evening I walked to pick up the bus at the edge of town.

The sun had gone down by the time I set out but on the way to the forest a powerful sunset was still being acted out. A walker on such an evening could only feel part of its strength-giving unstoppable progress. Shades of salmon pink were washing across the small cluster of spongy clouds high up in the west, sunlight was still playing gently up there as the dusk settled around me.

Who designed this, painted it, wrote the choreography?

Performances daily, almost everywhere, no ticket required, dress optional.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

I'm sure it was......

It was a gorgeous autumn morning today: quiet, calm, clear and cool.
After an epidural injection in the lower back my left leg has loosened up to the extent that it now flops around rather and is reluctant to obey instructions. Walking is no longer the painful experience it was but is now a slow and comical process with the tendancy to make me tired quckly.
At the end of our road I caught sight of an unfamiliar bird clinging low down to the trunk of a small silver birch. (The eyes are not such good team players either at the moment, who hasn't noticed the many tryping errors in the little blogging and commenting I've done recently? I'm due for a second cataract op this week which should liven up the right eye to the speed its rejuvenated left partner.) I thought by its size and behaviour that this mystery creature was a green woodpecker and I started to take great interest; in 17 years here I've only had one sighting. Creeping towards the tree as stealthily as limbs and eyes could manage, it was no surprise when the bird took flight towards a small clump of trees around a grassy children's play area. The undulating flight confirmed in my mind that I was in the prescence of that rare something so I continued in pursuit. Of course it flew off again but I had a magical view of it flying in waves away from me along the track I planned to follow. As with so many things in life , it was just a fleeting elusive experience but I felt lucky to have seen what I did.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Out at Last

What a trip! A few weeks ago I wouldn't have called it that but I finally got out with Lady this afternoon. No, it wasn't the colours, it was a greyish autumn afternoon and we didn't get as far as the forest, what's more with one cataract operation behind me and a second to come, the eyes are moving at different speeds so I missed subtle details .... but I was out there. It wasn't a brisk, warming walk with the circulation buzzing and the skin glowing, the movement was slow with frequent stops, the sciatic nerve to my left leg is still not completely free .... but I was out there.
There were others out there as well: cyclists, walkers, a group of runners. I know why they were there. There is a lot I don't know but Nature drives me (at the moment crawling along in 1st gear, but you need fuel even for that). I don't understand Nature but it gives me meaning and reason to be.
I am enjoying your blogs, but not able to write a lot at the moment.