Monday, 25 October 2010

Autumn Sunset

The leg has been getting stronger so this evening I walked to pick up the bus at the edge of town.

The sun had gone down by the time I set out but on the way to the forest a powerful sunset was still being acted out. A walker on such an evening could only feel part of its strength-giving unstoppable progress. Shades of salmon pink were washing across the small cluster of spongy clouds high up in the west, sunlight was still playing gently up there as the dusk settled around me.

Who designed this, painted it, wrote the choreography?

Performances daily, almost everywhere, no ticket required, dress optional.


  1. And, even better, dogs allowed into the auditorium..!


    I love how you write. I could "see" what you saw. The sunset you described was stunning. I enjoyed sharing it with you. ANd I love that I can come 'casual' to these spectacular events :-)

    Love to you my friend, 'pats' and smooches to 'Lady'.


  3. It's always a joy to find another post from you, Tramp. Glad to know that your health is improving. There is no better therapy, of course, than a moment or two in the natural world, which always leaves us with a sense of both gratitude and wonder. How fortunate we are to have sunsets and sunrises, wherever we are, whatever the circumstances. Have a good day.

  4. SW
    Yes, that's another reason I'm a frequent visitor.

    You are always very welcome.

    Isn't it wonderful to feel the power of such everyday events. Hope you have a great sundown there today, my friend.


  5. And all for free. You don't even need rose-tinted specs for this.

  6. I'm so glad to hear thatb you are beginning to get out and about again. Sunsets are one of the most beautiful and spectacular of free shows especially in winter with the silhouettes of leafless trees on the skyline.