Saturday, 6 November 2010

Mrs Honey

Old Tramp is off again, as soon as we get out on a walk. Doesn't he know that there are smells to smell, scents to follow, holes to dig? What's he on about now? Clouds stacked on the sky like dumplings on a dinner plate? Now the far-away look in the eyes and here comes that vacant grin, that can only be bad news.
"I'm thinking."
There what did I say? What is it you humans have with thinking?
"Well, when I say 'thinking' you have to bear in mind that there are lots of different thinkings. Today I'm remembering."
Remembering? Why the distant smile?
"Mrs Honey"
Mrs Honey?
"The old lady who lived opposite when I was young. When she came to visit my mother, she brought with her the smell of cough sweets and lavender. They would sit at the kitchen table and chat over tea and biscuits. Something took my mind back to that day I gazed over the table top and caught snatches of the adult conversation. My mother had told Mrs H how impressed she was with the plastic table cloth she had recently bought, how practical it was. On Mum's recommendation our elderly neighbour had also bought one and was now relating her experiences with it. 'Call me old-fashioned if you like but I'll stick to a traditional table cloth from now on, thank you very much. Yes it did wipe down OK, but you should have seen the mess when I ironed it; and the smell ...' I remember the contortions on Mum's face, hidden behind her tea cup, as she struggled with a mouthful of tea."
And Mrs Honey?
"She continue with a monologue on her attempts to clean pieces of plastic tablecloth from the bottom of an iron."
So there you have it, that's what humans think about when there are smells, scents and holes to deal with.


  1. HI RAMP

    ANd when is your novel being published? You are such a vivid and excellent writer. And I so loved your Mom's restraint - bless he heart. :-)

    Love to you my friend - and pats and hugs to Lady



  2. Lady is right, what is there to think about in that story? Silly humans.
    Why bother with a tablecloth when food can be picked up anywhere? Off the floor, from a bowl, even thrown at you by a human hand.

    She's probably far more concerned with the fact that she doesn't get her dinner on time at the moment. That's Benno's beef, anyway.

  3. Gail
    Nice to hear from you. I've just been over to your place. Everyone from our street had to move when the area was redeveloped and we lost touch with Mrs Honey but my mother often recalled her with great affection. Why that memory bubbled to the surface after all those years I have no idea.
    While I type this Lady is stretched out asleep on the rug in front of the stove. There is an occasional snort and twitching of feet indications of an interesting dream.
    Best wishes, my friend.

    Tablecloths may be excess to requirement but there is a blanket in the hallway here that is hallowed ground. Try to move it at your peril! We washed it last week and Lady ignored us ... until dinner time. It's a dog's life.

  4. I think my comment didn't go through because I failed to put in the word verification, so I will try again. In any event, I think it's strange how these little comical moments of our distant past bubble up from time to time in our present consciousness. There is something in our consciousness that needs an antidote to the chaos and confusion of the present world. Somehow these little stories of innocence are always reassuring.

  5. George
    Precisely, but how can I explain that to Lady.

  6. Poor old Mrs Honey. It does make a great story.
    Kipper is filthy today having decided to try to excavate a molehill and the hope of tracking down Mr Mole, thankfully she had no success but a lot of fun in the process. julie

  7. Julie
    Thanks for stopping by. I don't remember much of Mrs Honey, mainly her presence on her visits but Mum used to say that Mrs H kept her sane.
    That sounds great fun. We've had some rain over the last couple of days so things are starting to get nice and muddy here.

  8. I can imagine your mum's face and her struggle to keep it straight only too well! Happily I was free to just laugh:) And Tramp you really do have to spend more time following scents and digging holes - you just don't know what you're missing!

  9. Rowan
    Mum certainly laughed over it after Mrs Honey's departure, but she always made the point that the chats with Mrs H were a wonderful outlet when she was at home with the five of us.
    That's right, you tell him.