Monday, 6 December 2010

St Nicholas

Old Tramp is a bit quiet at the moment, not much to say for himself, he's a bit like that at times, but I thought you might like to see what we've been up to this past week or so.
First of all there was the lantern procession around the village finishing up with switching on the Christmas Tree lights.
Then there was Mikulas's annual visit, the Czech St. Nicholas, who comes once a year to check that the youngsters are behaving themselves. He brings his imps with him, who want to cart off any naughty kids in their sacks. However, after conferring with his attendant angel, Mikulas will inevitably let the kids off for another year on the promise of behaving themselves and reciting him a rhyme. Before they leave they hand out some goodies to the kids.

Sorry about the quality of these snaps, Tramp is no photographer and you can understand that Mikulas and Co. are not that happy about being photograhed.
Take a good look at that imp, there's a strange likeness to Tramp junior.
Bye for now. Keep warm.