Monday, 18 April 2011

On Blogging

I have frequented the bloggersphere for somethiong less than 18 months. I entered very dubiously; questions of privacy; don`t talk to strangers; it will be addictive; it will take over my life and so on ...
In this time, dabbling on the edge of whatever the bloggersphere is  and producing the occasional post,  I have "met" some wonderful people also experimenting with both the self-expression and communication which this medium offers. I thank you all for the richness of your variety and individuality. You have given me much to think about, to be grateful for; much to inspire me and to pass on in some form to others I meet in everyday life.
Now just suppose one day I really met some of the characters that I have "met"  in the bloggersphere. What would that day be like?

GRIZ (of RIVERDAZE): would be there in the steel cold of dawn. Cradling a large mug of freshly-brewed coffee, he would remind me that my day ahead is a unique personal gift; only I can decide how to use the possibilities that its ups and downs will offer me. So what else to do except head out with Lady, enthusiastic as ever to show me what the world has to offer.

SOLITARY WALKER: would stride up behind me, and in the brief encounter he would enrich our conversation on something we are observing with references to works of literature that I would make a mental note of looking up later. Our conversation will go deep but be made all the more special by its seasoning with humour.

GAIL: I would encounter somewhere surrounded by flowers. I can't imagine it any other way because it is Gail who has taught me to seek out and appreciate the flowers in life, whatever the season.

GEORGE: would walk directly beside me, giving me his full attention, patiently explaining the point he was making. If he sensed he was exceeding my speed limit, either in his explanation or in his walking, he would slow down to accommodate me. That's George, he is not a person to take advantage.

FRIKO: would naturally have Benno with her. He would be in deep active dog conversation with Lady while I listened intently to Friko relating one of her stories that she tells so well. It is clear that I am not alone in being enthralled by her mastery of the blogging medium.

WEAVER: would call me over to look at something she was eagerly examining in a hedgerow. I feel her excitement in sharing her observations and her quiet wisdom soundly built on an enthusiasm for anything natural.

JULIE (of FOREST POPPY): is someone I "meet" less often these days; but I feel some empathy as she started her blog about the same  time as me. If I met her on this day, we would exchange a few brief words, she would have one eye on the children and dogs with her and they would be off; a trail of positive feeling in their wake.

There are others who I have "crossed paths with"; there are others I will "talk with" more  in the future. I have just dipped my toe in the ocean of blogging and I haven't drowned yet, thank you.



    oh my, this is the best post ever :-) You captured all of us so well - I feel so understood and loved by you and appreciated too - WOW, really, WOW! :-)
    Love Gail
    peace ..and if I were to meet you,
    I would be greeted with the warmest smile and longest hug. Both Lady and Gracie would be jealous. I would find a man of great intelligence and the gentlest of spirit and protective presence. I would feel safe to grab hold of your hand with my honorable intention known without words. We would talk of dogs and kids and love and blessings, oh yes, blessings. We would be silent too and feel even closer in the quiet. I would feel your calmness and confidence and be inspired. So good to meet you my friend, so good indeed.

  2. Gail, but I meant every word.

  3. What a wonderful post, Tramp! Gail said it all in her lovely response. I too am delighted to have you as my blogfriend; I have enjoyed your modest, sincere, observant and reflective blog from the beginning.

    (Good job you don't know my grumpy, negative side!)

  4. SW: You make an important point. We (usually) think carefully before blogging so we can recognise our negative tendencies and (usually) filter some of them out while still expressing our underlying feelings. This process certainly helps me and if there were awards for grumpy and negative thinking I would be up there on the podium with the national anthem blaring out.
    Lady and I will be on the lookout for you this afternoon.

  5. I am here at my computer at 3:34 a.m., Tramp, unable to sleep, and discovering your new posting is just what I needed. How kind, thoughtful, and creative this post is. I can think of no one I would rather go tramping with that you and the company you mention. I'm honored to be included. Derry feels much the same way about Lady.

  6. George
    Am I to understand that you use my posts as a cure to insomnia? ;-)
    It is when I am out with Lady that I think over what I read here and sometimes it's as if I come across those of you who I've met by blogging. As I said to Gail, I wrote this because it is what I feel.
    George, I feel you are going through a bad time at the moment, no details are necessary, I hope you find solace.
    I plan to add another stage to my north to south walk through this country over the weekend (Zvikov to Pisek), I look forward to "meeting" you on route.

  7. Tramp, I wouldn't be able to tell you a long story because, as you said, April is here and with it so much outdoor work that there is little time for anything else. You and Lady would be welcome to join me and Benno though, the two of them could explore the hedgerows while you and I could kneel in the earth, getting tired and very dirty.

    In between times we might even exchange a friendly word or two.

    I know you don't blog very often, but, please, don't give up on us altogether; we are all becoming such firm friends that to lose one of the happy band would be sad indeed.

    Happy tramping and thank you for including me in your band of bloggers.

  8. Tired, dirty, but as content as the dogs.